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                About Swift
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                About Swift 

                China Swift Logistics

                Swift Logistics Co.,Ltd is an international sea - land - air freight forwarder and logistics provider located in China .We devote ourse es to exploiting and developing all-aspects international third party logistics service such as sea freight ; air freight ; purchasing, trucking ; warehousing; packing; LCL consolidation ;custom clearance & declaration; distribution etc. .We have our own branch offices and partners locating in most Chinese main ports including Shenzhen, Hongkong, Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao ,Xingang and so on .Meantime, our own overseas agent network is spreading to more than fifty countries and two thousands ports which include North America, Central & South America, Australia, Europe ,Middle East ,Africa ,Asia. We could manage and operate Hongkong, China mainland and all-over-the-world logistics business

                We have built a steady and close relationship with many international famous carriers like MAERSK, CMA-CGM, MSC, ZIM, PIL, APL, EVERGREEN, NYK, CHINA SHIPPING, COSCO, NORASIA ,HANJIN, K-LINE, MISC, MARUBA, CCNI, EMIRATES AND UASC Etc.as well as the airlines: FEDEX ,UPS ,CA ,CZ, KE ,SQ,TG,BA,QF etc We are committed to providing our customer the most professional , the cheapest and the most efficient logistics service with our team's efforts and international agent network. We are playing a role of a bridge and tache in the process of foreign trade . Furthermore, we are doing our utmost to impel our customers to the door of the success

                 Our Service Scope
                Sea Freight
                Air Freight
                Local Handling
                DHL UPS FEDEX TNT

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                Who We Are -- Our Values, Ethics and Winning Proposition

                Everything we do, every value we stand for, every course of action we take, is intended to deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

                We have built our reputation for excellence on three fundamentally linked and complementary ideas -- Shared Values, Ethics, and our Winning Proposition.

                We are passionately committed to our customers, our team and the communities we serve. This commitment is embodied in our Swift Shared Values which build the foundation of our relationships and guide everything we do.

                SECURITY is our common bond
                WINNING   is our driving force goal
                    INTEGRITY is our unshakable foundation
                      FRIENDSHIP  is our personal commitment
                        TRUSTING        is our unifying stronger power

                Adherence to Ethics allows us to stand for everything that's right in business. By doing the right things with respect to others, we believe our people will create a better experience for our customers. Ethics is what binds us in trusting relationships.

                We will create superior customer satisfaction and loyalty with our American and Caribbean customers by enhancing their supply chain effectiveness with convenient and reliable transportation solutions.

                We believe this foundation shapes our future and defines who we are: A reliable, flexible, full-service shipping company, always striving to find the best way to meet your shipping needs.


                SEA TRANSPORT
                Sea Transport

                > Service from all main chinese ports:    

                > Contract rates and space guarantee with several shipping lines from China to all
                   round the world

                > Complete service and expert consultation for special equipment and special cargo
                > One step service offered including door delivery / pick up and customs clearance
                > Loading, tracking, status notifications and email updates to customers

                AIR TRANSPORT
                Air Transport

                > Service from all main chinese ports:    

                > Main airports covered hongkong, guangzhou & shenzhen
                Complete service including rates, bookings, logistics and tracking
                > One
                step service offered including door delivery / pick up and customs clearance
                Documents issued within 24 hours for all customers
                > Loading, tracking, status notifications and email updates to custromers

                INLAND TRANSPORT
                Inland Transport

                > Service from all main chinese ports:    

                > Rail transport solutions from inland to sea port, Combined transportation of from &
                   to sea.

                > International rail transport solution from china to russia & central asia region short
                   the transportation effectively.

                Warehouse & Distribution

                > Service from all main chinese ports:    

                > All warehouse facilities are customs free zones and with rail connection sidings and 
                    equipped to handle different types of cargo and goods.

                > Warehouse facilities offered at FTZ(free trade zone)
                > Warehouse facilities offered at port locations:
                > Complete stock and distribution services: control of goods, stock reports, status
                    reports, marking, labelling, sorting

                > Door delivery to domestic and international destinations including full loads and

                EXPRESS COURIER
                                DHL UPS FEDEX TNT

                DHL UPS FEDEX TNT EMS

                 > Service from all main chinese ports:    





                We are proud of our professional, hard-working, responsible, honesty, passion, aggressive team

                SWIFT LOGISTICS CO., LTD
                Address: Rm2807, Lucking Building, Middle Hongling Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China
                Tel:  0086-755-2502 2551/2502 5103/2236 7951/3391 7070/3391 7389
                Fax:  0086-755-2502 2551/2502 5103 轉分機 806
                [email protected]


                          CUSOMER DEPARTMENT
                                    Tel: 25022551*808

                         MARKETING DEPARTMENT
                                     Tel: 25022551*801 

                         DOCUMENT DEPARTMENT
                                     Tel: 25025103*805

                         OPERATION DEPARTMENT
                                     Tel: 25025103*806

                            BUSINESS DEPARTMENT
                                   Tel: 25022551*804 

                            FINANCE DEPARTMENT
                                     Tel: 25022551*800

                           IT&ADMIN DEPARTMENT
                                   Tel: 25025103*810

                             TRAILER DEPARTMENT 
                                   Tel: 25025103*811

                Feature Products

                • Swift Logistics Co., Ltd
                • Rm2807, 28/F Lucking Building, No.1008 Middle Hongling Road, Luofu District, Shenzhen, China
                • 518000
                • 86-755-25022551 25025103
                • 86-755-2502 5103
                • Swift Logistics (China)
                • 86-755-18002506771
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